Wine Tasting!

Taste Wine. Shop. Dine. explore galleries.

Explore Our Wine Tasting Stops

Discover a new dimension of the Castleberry Hill Loft Tour with our exciting Wine Tasting component! For the first time, we are partnering with local businesses to offer you a delightful journey of wine tasting at various unique venues. Above, you will see a mini gallery of our participating wine stop businesses.

How It Works

Step into any of our participating wine stops, where you can taste a selection of fine wines curated to enhance your experience. Each venue, from art galleries and candle shops to dining  and clothing boutiques, offers a unique atmosphere to enjoy your tastings.

As you sip, take the opportunity to explore and shop the distinctive offerings of each business. Once you’ve enjoyed your visit, move on to the next loft or wine stop. 

Join us for a day of exquisite wines, unique shops, and the vibrant community of Castleberry Hill!